Sanitize without corrosion, wiping, or fire.  NAV-CO2 from United Sanitizing is used by first responders to medical emergencies to rid vehicles and equipment from harmful pathogens. The fast drying, no wiping formula is non-corrosive and dries in minutes, so you are ready for the next call. Can you sanitize all surfaces, even radios with our AOAC performance tested formula. Think of all of the environments you go into every single day. When you get those germs off your gear and out of your vehicles, you are keeping it away from your family, and the people you help.

  • Ambulances - Sanitize against blood and airborne born pathogens, MRSA and influenza. Self drying formula has you ready for the next call.
  • Fire/EMS - Wet Gear and SCBA can be sanitized against molds, and bacteria and viruses, so it has a longer useful life and is fresh and sanitary for each use.
  • Vehicles - Your vehicle is your office. TCB and get rid of that musty AC smell. Biomist D2 sanitizer can be sprayed into the ventilation intake of your vehicles A/C system, killing molds that give off that "old socks" smell. It's not corrosive or flammable.
  • Station and Gym - Lockers, showers and bathrooms are places where Influenza, Athlete's foot, MRSA, ringworm, and other risks can sap morale and reduce manpower. NAV-CO2 from United Sanitizing is so easy and fast, no one will complain about using it to make the whole squad safer from pathogens

How is it possible to spray alcohol without flammability? As you know from your training, combustion depends on oxygen. Using liquid CO2 and converting it into a gas at the point of atomization, the patented NAV-CO2 process creates a CO2 cloud in which O2 is displaced and alcohol sanitizer is applied. It is possible to extinguish an open flame with the CO2! For the first time, it is possible to spray concentrated alcohol as a vapor with the risk of fire or explosion. It's so safe, it is used in hospitals.