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The SS-20 Power Disinfecting System sprays a power mist of concentrated alcohol as a non-flammable vapor. The system eliminates flammability by enveloping the mist in an inert, oxygen displacing gas. By eliminating flammability, simple alcohol concentrates are atomized into micro-particles that swirl and adhere to all the nooks and crevices that would be impossible to reach with other disinfecting methods.

SS-20 systems have the unique capability of 24/7 operation where outbreaks, recalls, or epidemic threats require a continuous and time sensitive response, made possible by patented Biomist Inc. "G-Thaw" technology. G-Thaw eliminates the potential for an internally frozen system when critical response in necessary.


  • No corrosion
  • Dries in minutes without wiping
  • No residue
  • Quick exchange tanks
  • Continuous operation capable
  • Stainless enclosure looks good and is FDA approved


The SS-20 is preferred where a low moisture sanitizing method is required. It is ideal for for inaccessible or complex parts. It is used where wiping is a liability or time consuming. The SS-20 is non-corrosive and used a sanitizing mechanism to which hazardous pathogens cannot adapt.