MINI Sanitizing System - United Sanitizing

The MINI Sanitizing System sprays a mist of concentrated alcohol as a non-flammable vapor. The system eliminates flammability by enveloping the mist in an inert, oxygen displacing gas. By eliminating flammability, simple alcohol concentrates are atomized into micro-particles that swirl and adhere to all the nooks and crevices that would be impossible to reach with other disinfecting methods.

The MINI Sanitizing System requires no external electrical power and is ideal where portability and intermittent sanitizing tasks are required, or as an extension of SS-20 capability. CO2 tanks are interchangeable and can be refilled by any industrial gas supplier.


  • Compact
  • No electricity required
  • No wiping
  • Non corrosive
  • Professional stainless enclosure


The MINI Sanitizing System is ideal for intermittent use in offices, exam rooms, ambulance services, grocery, and restaurants where a continuous sanitizing requirement or large area sanitizing task is unlikely .