The Gold Standard in Sustainable Sanitizing

What is "Sustainable Sanitizing"?

  • Sustainable sanitizing means using less sanitizer and getting an equal if not better sanitizing outcome.
  • Sustainable sanitizing means using compounds that degrade before they get into wastewater as to not destroy beneficial organisms or encourage pathogen resistance via mutation.
  • Sustainable sanitizing means only using sanitizer that goes directly onto targeted areas and does not result in unutilized chemicals as waste.
  • Sustainable sanitizing means preserving the useful life of your equipment and materials that are sanitized. 

United Sanitizing holds certification by L'institut d'excellence environnementale. Our commitment to the environment reflects our commitment to public health and the prevention of illnesses caused by pathogens.

We offer:

  • EPA registered sanitizers
  • Non-corrosive, safer sanitizers 
  • D2 rated sanitizers - No rinsing 
  • Training to enhace performance and reduce cost.