COVID-19 is a sometimes lethal but easily sanitized virus. Research indicates COVID-19 virus can live in an aspirated (exhaled, coughed, sneezed) liquid droplet for about 3 hours. COVID-19 can live on inanimate hard surfaces for up to 3-10 days. Compared to bacterium or spores, viruses are less robust outside of a host, the simply lack the protection of a thick cell wall or an ability to survive a hot, dry environment like a spore.

The correct public health approach to a virus is regular surface sanitizing. Surfaces have to be generally clean and sanitizing is the final step. There are many effective sanitizing chemicals available but they are not equal in the cost of application, safety, or effectiveness. The size of the sanitizing task is paramount, as what is effective and efficient at small scale is not at large scale. United Sanitizing focuses on large scale and high frequency sanitizing requirements using NAV-CO2 technology. NAV-CO2 refers to NonFlammable Alcohol Vapor – CO2. This is the way to cover surfaces quickly and completely at a lower labor cost per square foot than antiquated bucket and rags methods. You can cover a lot of surfaces very quickly with NAV-CO2 and it uses sanitizer very sparingly. The result is a very fast and effective sanitizing with much lower risk to people, much less effort, and without damaging sensitive equipment.

If you are responsible for food factories, hospitals, public transportation or aircraft, airports, cruise ships, you need a solution that is scaled up to your challenge. We help people like you every day, in many industries. Call us. We can help.